Dissatisfaction with our lives is one of the reasons why we fail to feel happy. We often want some kind of change, but when it comes, we do not always feel joy or happiness for a very short time. And all because the true causes of discontent are hidden not in the external, but in the internal state of a person.

You can be immensely rich, have a good family, do what you love, but still feel empty and dissatisfied with your life. And you can live quite modestly and give thanks every day for what it brings. 

Treat yourself disrespectfully

Treat yourself disrespectfully

If you do not love yourself, then it is unlikely that anyone will love you with unconditional love, which is the key to a healthy and happy relationship. Such people often fall into the clutches of abusers, become victims of various manipulations, live to please others, not themselves. It is difficult for them to say “no”, self-esteem leaves much to be desired, and life brings unpleasant surprises every day.

Psychologists always recommend starting with self-love. Without it, you will choose the wrong people and destructive relationships, you will not stop experiencing fears and self-doubt. Start by setting personal boundaries – voice to others what is acceptable in relation to you and what is not. And do not be afraid to offend anyone.

Learn to value your time – do not waste it on something that is not interesting or useful to you. For some people playing at the 22Bet app Tanzania website could be a waste of time, while others think differently. Take a course on self-development and a sense of happiness. Find positive qualities in yourself and constantly remind yourself of them. This will help raise self-esteem and learn to love yourself. 

Unconsciously repeating the scripts of your parents

The picture that we observed throughout our childhood remains forever in our memory, even if it seems that we do not remember it at all. From there, it migrates to the subconscious, and we often unconsciously begin to copy the behavior of our own parents. It can be very difficult to understand this, and if you notice the similarity of your life with relatives, then getting rid of the usual ways of responding is incredibly difficult.

You don’t know what you really want

You don't know what you really want

We live in an information-aggressive world that imposes on us what to want, what to buy for complete happiness, how much money to earn, how to look, where to live, how to dress. And all this noise drowns out our true desires – we just don’t hear them.

There are many stories about people who held high positions in large companies but gave up everything and left for the countryside. They tell how simply at one moment they listened to themselves and realized that their soul does not ask for millions of contracts and career growth, but solitude and closeness to nature.

Lack of energy for change

It happens that you clearly know what you want, but do nothing to change your life. Or you start, and then again turn onto the beaten track and scold yourself. But the reason may lie not at all in willpower, but in a lack of energy. Therefore, scolding yourself is useless, you need to learn to activate your potential.