To start betting on the Internet, it is necessary to choose a good bookmaker. To get to the definition of which company is good, we can mention five points, let’s go to them:

Bonuses and offers: many companies seek to attract new customers with special offers, such as welcome bonuses, offers for specific games or competitions and more.

 Service: the service is essential for those who will start in the gambling world, after all, it is normal that the user has questions. If the company offers a good service, fast, and in the Portuguese language, the bettor will have no problems when he needs support.

Translated site: the translation of the site into Portuguese avoids the gambler to make wrong bets for not understanding. This situation makes a lot of difference in the betting world, after all, a word can totally differentiate the bet.

  • Companies with mobile applications: if you are the kind of person who does not use the computer much, finding a company that has mobile application is a great differential, because it will facilitate your operations.
  • Regulation: always check if the company works within the law. There are many options that operate legally, for example, among other options.

Requirements for betting


Since December 2018, the then president Michel Temer signed a bill on sports betting, however, it still awaits its regulation. According to the Gaz portal, the market moves about 4 billion reais per year in the country, numbers that show how the practice is a real success.

But with this, Players can already operate in companies that are legalized, and the same are on the internet, with regulations in other countries.

To bet there is only one requirement: to be of legal age. This means that anyone who is at least 18 years old can create an account in a company and enter the world of online gambling.

Placing a balance

After you have chosen your bookmaker and created your account, all you have to do is to credit it and you can place your bets online.

Each company offers different payment methods, e.g. credit cards, bank slips, bank transfers, deposits and e-wallets.

How to bet?

place bets

Once you have chosen the house, created the account and placed the balance, it is time to start betting. There are many options of markets and types of betting, and the user can choose whatever he/she wants.

The tip for the beginning is to follow experts, learn methods of betting on the internet, strategies, and then in time bet with the knowledge acquired.