This is another one of the crucial points in more dynamic betting. What the bettor must keep in mind is that knowledge of the markets is extremely necessary and becomes the first step.

Having tranquility at the time of choices is important. Analyze the averages and investigate the details more and more.

Study the data, the general statistics and the numbers of the teams you have in mind to make the bet, whether in number of goals, cards or corners.

In the calculation of the bets, it is essential to know the system of the chosen house.

Some show odds with attractive values, but the implicit rates can be discouraging.

The more experienced the bettor, the quicker he learns to visualise the real value that he can receive in a bet return.

Main sites for consulting statistics

And to finish, another cool tip for you who want to know more about statistics.

Today it is becoming increasingly easier to stay well informed and, to help you, we have here a list of the most sought after sites when the subject is statistics.


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When it comes to corners, statistics may imply other presentations to the bettor.

In the first of them, the “over and under” also happens, but there are other subcategories depending on the bookmaker’s choice to present to the bettors. See the possible scenarios in the sequence.

1×2 corners at full time – The most known scenario in this aspect. Let’s put as an example the following question, you have the possibility to analyze that the team A has an average of 5 corners in its favor and team B has 3, so if you guess which team will have more corners, you will leave with the profit.

In the example given, the highest probability is that the team A has a greater amount. But remember that other points also need to be analyzed for the choice.

Exact number of corners/”Under and Over” – Trying to take the exact number of corners can also pay well, but the degree of difficulty is also huge.

Thus, it is not so attractive and not advisable. This, on the contrary, we can see in the “under and over” bets, already mentioned in relation to goals.

With the bookmaker placing the odds, it becomes easier. Example: in the match between team A x B, there is a margin of over 7.5 and under 7.5. If you bet on more and 8 corners come out in the match, you’ll already take the profit

Team that has more corners – Another possibility that may also arise, is which team will have the first corner in its favor?

Another point that ends up increasing even more the dynamic and making the bets more difficult too.

There are teams that have a strong attacking rhythm at the very beginning of a match. This team is more likely to have, then, the first corner of the game.

Which team will have the last corner of the match – Like the option mentioned above, some bookmakers offer this, which team will have the last corner in their favour.

Number of cards

Football stats tips

Another challenge offered by sportsbooks is the number of yellow and red cards that can appear in a match.

Cards are issued for a variety of reasons in a match. Harder tackles, undisciplined players, for complaining, for delaying the restart of the game, and so on.

In this case, once again we highlight the importance of knowing very well the league, the teams and the confrontations in which you will bet on this market.

Just as corners are recurrent in a match, cards are not left out either. Let’s understand how these bets can be placed.

The choices within the card market work in four subdivisions, which will appear below:

Over and Under – The first of these, as with corners is the “over and under” of yellow cards for each team.

For example, you can bet that Team A will get 3 yellow cards and Team B will get 2.

Here, there is also the possibility of which team will get a yellow card first, further increasing the odds.

Total cards in the entire match – Very similar to the first system mentioned, in this case you bet that the cards of both teams added together will give a number above or below a certain amount.

Red card – Basically betting on whether or not players will be sent off in a match.