This applies to football and all other sports, so stay tuned for our tips for you.

There are a plethora of elements to build the most robust football predictions, however, to begin with, you need to have the main points for your focus on betting choices.

With a good prognosis on the sporting events in which you will deposit your units you will end up tracing an even more refined analysis, coming to “guess” what may happen, precisely by the probabilities studied.

That’s why it requires dedication and a lot of study, but with a return practically guaranteed with your own effort.

Important numbers and data when making football predictions

Going now to more specific issues on the subject, it is important to highlight once again that there is some information that will make you better equipped at the time of making a prediction.

You can even gather all numbers and information in a spreadsheet, to help with the details of the games you choose to place your bets, similar to the ones you find on statistics websites.

It is essential to be always attentive and leave laziness aside to have a good organization and not get lost with the notes. Check below a list with the main issues to be observed by the bettor.

1 – What is the motivation of the match?

Always think about what kind of championship is in dispute. If it is a football match, note the phase of the tournament or the round of the league in question.

In the world of fights, always measure the weight of the combat, if it is worth the belt or not. In the world of speed, you should also be aware of the method of dispute and at what stage it is

2 – How were the last matches?

Another very interesting point to be explored. It is important to separate the results of, at least, five to six last disputes.

It is necessary to have this retrospective to draw the best choice. When the phase is good or if there is a bad sequence of results.

3 – In the case of football, how has the team performed in the competitions inside and outside home?

There is no way, one must be very attentive, because there are teams that make excellent campaigns at home, but when they play as visitors, they end up leaving something to be desired.

Other teams manage to have positive results and become such “indigestible visitors”. Pay attention to this statistic and look for a sequence, also, of five to six games to analyze the numbers.

4 – Position in the league table or ranking?


The main championships that are played throughout a season usually have a point system or, in the case of other sports, a ranking that accredits the best.

Stay tuned on this point so that the study is done and write down this information.

5 – How has the team done when facing an opponent who is equal to it?

It may seem an exaggeration, but there is greater pressure in the matches of direct confrontations in the classification.

Not always the team or the athlete in question behaves well in this type of more direct dispute.

Psychological issues can also affect the performance of athletes, whether individual or team sports.

6 – Is there any missing for the game in question?

Something that should be taken very seriously in team sports competitions is if there is any kind of missing player.

Whether it’s through injury or suspension, it’s interesting to see how it might affect the rest of the team. Some players are key components and, when they are absent, they affect the team’s performance.

If possible, analyze matches in which the player in question has already been absent and compare the results with and without the athlete in the dispute.

7 – Does direct record also count?

Football bets

Yes, it does, and a lot. In individual and team sports there are very interesting points to be analysed by the bettor.

If there is a rivalry, how were the last matches, what were the scores and if they have already faced each other in the current season are questions that should be asked by the bettor.